Transport management with PSItms

Transport optimization from planning to billing 

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Supply Chain Network Design

Plan your multimodal transport chains

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Customer billing
Customer billing

End-to-end order management and automated service invoicing based on individual customer and service provider contracts ensure your economic success

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Tours and costs always under control with PSItms Dispocockpit

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Carrier Management

PSItms Carrier Management has all the detailed data, from mileage costs to the tariff to the complete lot, giving you a good basis for successful price negotiations

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Dispatching Carrier Management Driver App
Driver App

Everything for the tour in one app: scanning, images, instructions ...

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Smart Routing Services
Smart Routing Services

Smart Routing Services help you avoid daily traffic jams and determine individual routes for your vehicles

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Route Planning
Route Planning

The best tour as standard. Pickup & delivery times, driving and rest times immediately integrated

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Decarbonize your tours and plan electric charging times into the tour

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Automatically reference addresses with quality-assured OpenStreetMap data

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Logistic intelligence

PSItms enables you to plan consistently from a network perspective, through framework planning of recurring transports, and daily planning of operational transports.

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Logistic operations

PSItms provides you with all the necessary data to act efficiently in your daily business.

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Financial success

PSItms provides you with a consistent commercial evaluation of all services rendered, so they are transparently verifiable and can be billed quickly.

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Software for efficient planning, control and transparent accounting of transport processes

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What do you achieve by using a TMS?

The software-based planning of your transportation by PSItms ensures that you have centralized access to all required data and facts for optimal planning, execution, and billing of upcoming transports – regardless of their complexity.



By using our transport management system PSItms, you will benefit from consistent process support at all planning stages:

    • Better decisions thanks to reliable planning basis
    • Cost savings through greater transparency
    • Early detection of capacity bottlenecks
    • Quick reaction times in case of disturbances
    • Higher process reliability resulting in increased performance quality
    • Transparent proof of performance leads to better acceptance of higher billing rates by the customer
    • Increased customer satisfaction

    Why optimize your transport management with PSItms?

    PSItms is suitable for different types of transportation

    PSItms supports a permanent optimization of multimodal transport chains – from road and rail transport, to sea freight and airfreight.

    Our PSItms interface can easily be customized

    Our user-friendly platform, which is based on the modern Java technology, forms the common basis for all PSI products. | learn more

    As an intelligent planning system, PSItms uses artificial intelligence for optimization. | learn more

    PSItms is flexible to use and scalable

    The module concept keeps pace with your requirements: from order management to service provider and customer billing, from strategic planning to operational and event-based transport execution, from customer-related performance determination to document management.

    Our TMS also adapts to your requirements in terms of quantity. Several million tours and transports per year can easily be handled with PSItms.

    Raise your transport management to a new level and secure decisive competitive advantages with PSItms

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