• PSItms - Transport Management

    Software for a efficient and prescient logistics planning

PSItms is a transport management system for postal and courier express parcel (CEP) services to optimise multimodal transport chains.

PSItms supports planning, management, billing and analysis of transport networks. Several million runs per year can be handled with PSItms and the network design can be seamlessly integrated.

Your benefits

  • Strategic logistics network optimisation
  • Early recognition of capacity bottlenecks
    • Quick reaction times in the event of problems
    • More time for everyday tasks

    Use strategic optimisation to plan in advance for a later date:

    ‘What if’ scenarios

    Ready for contingencies:

    Freak weather, motorway closures? Work through “what if...?” scenarios today and develop counter measures which can be taken in the event of an emergency!

    Automated transport network customisation

    Public holidays and daylight saving under control:

    React by automatically modifying the transport network to take account of local and national holidays, as well as daylight saving changes throughout the year.

    Simulate volume changes

    Simulate volume changes, prepare qualified offers:

    Simulate volume changes to the transport network with regard to questions such as “What influence do the notified transport volumes of a new major customer have on the transport network? What additional costs are incurred? What does a suitable bid look like?”

    Create time for everyday tasks by tactical pre-planning of regular orders.

    Operational transport management helps you to retain control over your transport at all times and if conditions change.

    Use capacity-related shipment routing via a customisable transport network structure.

    Mobile applications support transport during operational transport execution, true to the motto: “One device – everything under control”:

    Scanning: Loading and unloading of containers is recorded in full by the driver, and sent immediately to the transport management system.

    Photos: Transport damage can be recorded directly by the driver and fully documented for insurance purposes.

    Navigate: The driver can use the integrated navigation software to safely make his way to the destination.

    Print: If necessary, the driver can directly print the required documents via the Bluetooth interface.

    Why PSI

    Success factors for your project

    • Systematic software implementation as well as project coaching and process consulting for installation and use
    • Practice-oriented operating concepts and comprehensive documentation
    • Multi-stage user training: we train your employees in all necessary disciplines
    • Annual software release
    • Java-based software technology for a high configurability and intuitive user interfaces including 2D or 3D visualization, optimized for daily tasks in baggage handling
    • Artificial Intelligence at PSI: Neural Networks, advanced Fuzzy Logic or combining Operations - we transfer potential of new Technologies to your industry requirements

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